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lavos in education

New Innovative Tool
in Talent Management

Today's world requires students to have complex, system-oriented thinking skills. This can be challenging in a predominantly analogous society, especially since the abilities of students attending public educational institutions are very different. Therefore, it is important to introduce in public education appropriate tools and methods that allow the development and care of mathematical-logical, spatial-visual, and physical-kinesthetic areas, depending on age and aptitude. With gamified activities using such a tool, students can strengthen their spatial vision, complex thinking, and combinatorics, manage simultaneous stimuli, and develop the ability to adapt, as well as the ability to focus on solutions when problems arise.


Lavosball©, developed in Hungary, offers innovative solutions to overcome such shortcomings. The "New Innovative Tool in Talent Management" project aims to assess and integrate Lavosball© 's effectiveness in talent management so that public education institutions can use this niche and build their capacity for flexibility and resilience in a rapidly changing environment.

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